100 Days Left in 2020 (yay?)

The countdown begins…

Believe it or not, we’re down to the final 100-Day countdown of 2020!

*sigh of relief goes here* 

Is it really that bad?

Truth be told, in about 100 days we’re all going to be making up some sort of New Year resolution and with the way this year has been going, I’m keen to start working on my resolution now. Join my buddy Karson & I, as we chat about some of the costly consequences of of this year’s total WTF list of events, and how to get it going good for 2021.

Your new year resolution?

It’s hard to think of what you’ll be doing 6 months from now; With the way this year went, many out there are thinking of a resolution that leaves them a little more self-sustaining and able to bring in an income if (or I guess when) the next pandemic hits.

This could be as simple as starting your own business or running your own blog; Maybe you want to start a website for your photography? Or how about a professional portfolio and matching email?

Truth is, the resolution to do any of that starts with owning your own (or brand’s) domain name and getting found online.

Did you know?

Employers are less likely to contact you if your email seems unprofessional.

Emails like your_name1993@example.com are simply outdated and overlooked by the dozen; You’ll never get noticed like that!

Try something like name@yourbrand.com with a professional email service or you can start by searching for the perfect domain name to get noticed instantly!