Let's do whatever
you do,
together !

Book your free consultation & let’s get started on whatever your ideas are!

Creative Consultation

We chat about whatever you want to do, and discuss what tools might be available for us to use.

Strategy Design

This is the fun part. We put the tools & plans in place to help make whatever you want to do, actually possible. 

Get Shit Done

It’s simpler said than done, but that’s what I’m here for. Your project concepts are about to come true.

Creative Consultations

Let’s chat about whatever you do; The ideas are endless and the possibilities are about to become realities.

Web Design & Coding

Need a new website or want to run an online shop? Stand out with something that’s unique to whatever you do.

Film & TV Production

Does anyone know what a producer actually does? Either way, let’s get rolling on your production.

Podcasts & Audiobooks

Want to narrate your own book? Looking to host your own podcast or show? Let’s chat about how to do that!

Audio/Video Production

Sound design, editing & motion graphic animations – these are the little things that matter to the bigger picture.

Pyrotechnics & SFX

Add excitement and atmosphere with things that go boom, or choreograph your next backyard fireworks show!

Graphic Design

From logos to presentations, let’s get whatever is in your mind’s eye, in front of every one else’s eyes.

Management Consulting

How do you deal with this new generation? Allow me to bridge the gap between whatever’s tough.

Self-Serve Websites

Simply drag & drop to build your own website – no coding skills required! If you’re willing to learn, I’m willing to help!


I work ACTRA

I am a member of Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Televisions & Radio Artists; Before I appear in your production, you must become a signatory to the union.

This only applies to on-camera or voice-over bookings under union jurisdiction.

Become A Signatory

Learn how ACTRA makes it easy to hire union talent for your next production or online ads.