100 Days Left in 2020 (yay?)

Truth be told, in about 100 days we’re all going to be making up some sort of New Year resolution and with the way this year has been going, I’m keen to start working on my resolution now. Join my buddy Karson & I, as we chat about some of the costly consequences of of this year’s total WTF list of events, and how to get it going good for 2021.

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Reopening Schools & Economic Growth

Being separated and being separate doesn’t mean you’re alone Those Not Returning to Hogwarts Having to choose between staying home and returning to school shouldn’t be a difficult decision, but in these very weird times and amid the increase in COVID-19 outbreaks, we’re at a point where we need to seriously look at the future of our education systems across …

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Unilingual Labels on Canadian Shelves

view on YouTube instead… Pics or it never happened… Oddly enough, the moment I thought to whip out my phone and take a photo of the sign, I realized that I left it in the car on the wireless charger. So If I get the opportunity and can snag a photo, I’ll be sure to upload it here in a …

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