Reopening Schools & Economic Growth

Being separated and being separate doesn’t mean you’re alone

Those Not Returning to Hogwarts

Having to choose between staying home and returning to school shouldn’t be a difficult decision, but in these very weird times and amid the increase in COVID-19 outbreaks, we’re at a point where we need to seriously look at the future of our education systems across Canada.

For the most part, schools have chosen to reopen with in-person classes and minimal social-distancing going on despite all the world’s health officials recommending we take precautions that simply can’t be observed in a classroom setting.

Jason Kenny, back at it with destruction…

I don’t like to get political on my blog…I try not to poke at the pot when I don’t have something valuable to add…however…

Jason Kenny (the sorta boss-man of Alberta’s political system) quietly pulled the plug on a few measures legislated to keep students safe. Those measures included social-distancing guidelines by means of classroom sizes; Meaning instead of capping the maximum number of students that can fit safely in a classroom, the class size will be crammed into every corner provided students are “far enough” from each other…like…wtf?

One-day school weeks? Is that a thing?

Let’s all agree we can’t fit all the students in the schools safely at one time; Lets ponder a quick thought about a one or two-day school week coupled with an online learning program.

If one grade attends school per day, they have the entire facility to spread out and utilize multiple classrooms. The added space of a library or cafeteria hallway can serve as a TA-supervised self-study space for students who lack home facilities like computers or high-speed internet.

Rotating one day per grade could facilitate an easy rotation of smaller quantities of students at a time while providing a balance of online and in-person learning options.

The Cost of our Futures

Of course, the cost of hiring additional cleaning staff and teacher’s assistants could be calculated in the millions, however I feel like it’s a wiser investment up-front compared to the reparative costs of fixing multiple bodge-jobs along the way.

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