The 2020 Election, Full Moons & Adulting

Will you just shut up, man?

Sen. Joe Biden speaking to President of the United States, Donald Trump.

If that isn’t going to be the defining quote of the upcoming presidential election, I have no idea what could be. Since I’m Canadian, I can’t speak much to the US election process…other than I think it’s complicated as fuck.

Please register to vote:

CLICK THIS LINK to be taken to the US Government information page for voter registration.

In other news…

This week was a big week for me as I pitched a longtime project of mine to some big-time investors, in hopes to secure some additional funding for a very special musical theatre concept. So while this idea is still being worked on…

I’m happy to announce that my upcoming radio show Below Broadway, will be premiering online sometime this fall! You can catch the live-streams every Saturday night at 9pm EST at

While the premiere date is not quite set, I can confirm that the show is ready to go, and will be launching with a special 3-hour broadcast event…so more details on that coming soon. You can bet I’ll be releasing an update as soon as it’s available but for now, I’ve asked my friend Hayden to share his thoughts on musical theatre and arts during a time of such weird worldwide vibes. You can expect to hear more of him as well!

Funding ideas & dreams

So while the investors do their and chat about if it’s worth funding something they want to fund, I’m stuck continuing to manage my projects and balancing the costs of production by myself.

There’s no shame in saying I use Quickbooks™ to help manage my time as a self-employed individual. And while that is a shameless sponsored plug, it’s because of their time-management tools, expense tracker and even a mileage tracker, that I’m able to put on this amazing new production for the world to enjoy.