Flu Shot Special

Thought #01025 (Part 1 of a 2-part Special)

I’m cranky and going to bed. Good night.

What I say when I don’t feel like writing a description for this post.

Truth be told, I’m posting this on my website way after I actually recorded it and put it online to stream…So now I have a bit of chance to write up a blurb.

A New Reality…the COVID Vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused soo much heck around the world, that we’re trying to find a new “normal” for our daily lives…and this partially includes coming up with a vaccine for the virus.

In this thought, I share my opinions about getting the flu shot and why I think it’s for sure a great thing to do every year.

As expected, I felt miserable, tired and cranky, so let’s leave it at that and y’all can check in for Part 2, where I chat about my upcoming appearance on Global TV.

A sponsored thought…

There’s no shame in saying I use Quickbooks™ to help manage my time as a self-employed individual. And while that is a shameless sponsored plug, it’s because of their time-management tools, expense tracker and even a mileage tracker, that I’m able to put on this amazing new production for the world to enjoy.