Holiday Thoughts for 2020

Thought #01224 – A Christmas Mixtape If music be the fruit of love… Probably something some famous person once said… In this episode, I’d like to introduce my Midnight Thoughts audience to my new Broadway-themed radio show. Below Broadway If you’re a fan of the theatre, you can catch us broadcasting the best of underground Broadway, on a not-so-consistent schedule. …

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Unreleased Episode – BONUS!

This broadcast was only a test. Episode #00-2 You are special if you are viewing this…not many people get to hear an unpolished product! Launching This Winter? Ok seriously…I had the brilliant idea of launching on the TONY AWARD NIGHT but like…they keep postponing the release date and I’m sitting here thinking now I’ve got to update the audio imaging …

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The 2020 Election, Full Moons & Adulting

Will you just shut up, man? Sen. Joe Biden speaking to President of the United States, Donald Trump. If that isn’t going to be the defining quote of the upcoming presidential election, I have no idea what could be. Since I’m Canadian, I can’t speak much to the US election process…other than I think it’s complicated as fuck. Please register …

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