Creamy Parmesan Dip

3 Dips, Hooray!

I mentioned that I like to dip my bread in parm dip, but many appetizers are served with this dip, such as garlic fries, pizza or chicken wings. 

HeyItsMaher and to make this creamy parmesan dip, start my combining one and a quarter cups regular mayonnaise with one third of a cup sour cream. Whisk them lightly in a bowl using a hand whisk, as an electric mixer would over-beat the creamy sauce, and cause a big mess. 

To that add three tablespoons milk and three tablespoons malt vinegar; you’ll notice that the vinegar almost instantly tries to curdle with the dairy products, but continuing to mix it with the mayonnaise and sour cream returns it to a nice emulsified consistency.

Next, add one half teaspoon dried oregano, one half teaspoon dried basil continuing to whisk as you go, then add one tablespoon sugar, one half teaspoon garlic puree and one quarter cup grated parmesan cheese.  Once all the ingredients well mixed, the dip can be stored covered in the fridge if not serving immediately. 

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