Unreleased Episode – BONUS!

This broadcast was only a test.

Episode #00-2

You are special if you are viewing this…not many people get to hear an unpolished product!

Launching This Winter?

Ok seriously…I had the brilliant idea of launching on the TONY AWARD NIGHT but like…they keep postponing the release date and I’m sitting here thinking now I’ve got to update the audio imaging to include some sort of holiday sound effects to be more relevant. Hmm…rant aside, as soon as I know what’s happening with that broadcast date, we’re ready to launch the show!

Special Funding Provided by Earls Resturants

A previous announcement of mine hinted that a major company partner has offered to help fund the production of Memphis, the Musical. The story is of 1950’s systemic racism and the power of music to empower love and acceptance; A thought incredibly relevant today.

Production of this full-length special program will begin in 2021, with special thanks to Earls Restaurants for their support. Our hope is to bring awareness to the message of this story and it’s relevance in our society today.

I look forward to releasing more details in the new year.