THOUGHT #00902

...seatbelts everyone!

Returning to schools and trying to stabilize the economy...what could go wrong?

Thought #00820

...sounds like blue magic

A retrospective on the success of 2019's Aladdin

to Whatever

I think I need a better subtitle

Seriously..you could get lost in here…

There’s no logic to the thoughts keeping me up at night. If you think about it, that logic applies to these thoughts too. Some are long, some are short; All of them bound to make you think about something new. 

The Fake Crowds & TONY Awards

Watch on YouTube instead… Fake it ’till we make it! It took me few seconds to realize the noise in the background of the NBA highlights wa...

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Retrospective on Aladdin’s Success

Watch on YouTube instead… The Genie Didn’t Suck! As far as many of the critics out there would be concerned, the re-relase of Disney’...

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Unilingual Labels on Canadian Shelves

view on YouTube instead… Pics or it never happened… Oddly enough, the moment I thought to whip out my phone and take a photo of the sign, ...

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Thought Placeholder

The time is only 10:44 pm As my new website comes together, I just needed to put a post up in the Midnight Thought category! This is a quick blurb to ...

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