THOUGHT #00902

...seatbelts everyone!

Returning to schools and trying to stabilize the economy...what could go wrong?

Thought #00820

...sounds like blue magic

A retrospective on the success of 2019's Aladdin

to Whatever

I think I need a better subtitle

Seriously..you could get lost in here…

There’s no logic to the thoughts keeping me up at night. If you think about it, that logic applies to these thoughts too. Some are long, some are short; All of them bound to make you think about something new. 

Final Thought of 2020

Thought #01231 There’s nothing to say other than thank you for listening during this weird year. Happy 2021 as I sign off for the rest of the ye...

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Holiday Thoughts for 2020

Thought #01224 – A Christmas Mixtape If music be the fruit of love… Probably something some famous person once said… In this episode...

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COVID Vaccine Special

Thought #01130 – Part 2 of a 2-Part Special I’m not gonna get it until I’m satisfied, and I’ll be satisfied in a few months...

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Can we Halloween this year?

Thought #01031 – Feat. Alyssa! Smell my feet My favourite thing to yell at people on this day Tricks or Treats? This year has been absolutely fu...

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