Confit Garlic Prep

A staple ingredient in many Earls recipes, the taste of garlic goes great with almost any dish, and in this video I’m going to show you how to make three pantry must-haves used in many dishes at Earls. Infuse Oil You’ll need just under 3 cups of peeled garlic cloves placed in a medium sized pot. To that, add half …

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The Cookbook Masterclass

Eat a little. Eat a lot. Are you kidding me? They don’t actually let me in the kitchen with all those hot surfaces and sharp knives. You’d never know that though, watching these cook-at-home recipe videos.  You too can embrace your inner chef as we explore the recipes that made Earls famous; And revisit some of the long-loved and long-lost favourites from our past …

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Negotiations Entered

Great news! I’m happy to announce that negotiations for licensing rights to an upcoming digital audio experience have begun! Well, call it negotiations or call it simply applying for the rights, this new digital audio-experience is a project 3 years in development and is an accessible new way to experience the magic of theatre & musicals. More details coming soon! …

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