The Fake Crowds & TONY Awards

Watch on YouTube instead…

Fake it ’till we make it!

It took me few seconds to realize the noise in the background of the NBA highlights was actually a fake laugh-track used to heighten the broadcasting experience; Upon careful reflection, I still can’t decide if it does indeed serve this purpose.

TONY Awards Return

More information is certainly needed as we get closer to the fall date, but it was announced earlier today that the 2020 TONY awards will be returning with an online-only streaming event.

In the second half of this episode, we talk about few of the things leading up to the cancellation of the live-broadcast television event as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Money Thought

If CBS doesn’t want to front the production costs of a live tv-broadcast, what does that mean for the future of broadcast theatre? Many self-employed artists rely on the TONY award season to drive their personal publicity, in hopes of booking a new gig.

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