The Cookbook Masterclass

Eat a little. Eat a lot.

Are you kidding me? They don’t actually let me in the kitchen with all those hot surfaces and sharp knives. You’d never know that though, watching these cook-at-home recipe videos. 

You too can embrace your inner chef as we explore the recipes that made Earls famous; And revisit some of the long-loved and long-lost favourites from our past and current menus.

Why Earls?

For over 35 years, Earls has been serving up great food, prepared with the freshest ingredients every single day. Many restaurants start their days before the crack of dawn, where a team of skilled chefs & bakers are busy prepping for the day’s service. As the seasons change so does the menu, but the passion for food never stops and Earls brings a taste of food from around the world, for an incredible dining experience every evening.

The Cookbook

I loaned my copy of the cookbook to a friend, turns out the recipe she wanted was not one of the 110 included in the book! What was the lesson we learned from this incident? Pay attention in school, one day you’ll need to reduce a 32qt recipe stolen from the prep manuals so you can teach a friend how to make two cups of aioli for her Christmas party. Ho Ho Please don’t fire me.

Purchase your copy here [link coming soon]